David Archuleta’s ‘Sweet Caroline,’ ‘America’ Not Amazing on American Idol

Neil Diamond called him a “prodigy.” But, that doesn’t mean he is ready to win this competition or for a record contract. This week David chose to sing “Sweet Caroline” and “America.” Two seemingly great song choices for this young man, but did he live up to the expectations?

“Sweet Caroline” was “sweet” to hear, no pun intended. He made the song his own and showed the true emotion of the song – pure enthusiasm for love. He had an amazing voice as always, but it wasn’t an amazing performance.

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Archuleta Chooses His Diamond Songs Wisely

David Archuleta Performs Neil Diamond\'s \

“American Idol” fans were treated to a double dose of Neil Diamond from each of the show’s top 5 performers Tuesday night.

Utah’s David Archuleta sang two of Diamond’s most popular singles: “Sweet Caroline” and “America.”

“For a young man, dude, you are definitely in the zone right now. Another good performance, baby,” said Randy Jackson.

“This was the absolute perfect song for you to sing. David, your voice is so on-point,” Paula Abdul said.

“THAT was a smart choice of song,” Simon Cowell said. “It ticked all the boxes, didn’t it?”

David has caught fire in the past for his song choice. Remember “You’re the Voice?” But when it comes to picking Neil Diamond songs, David knew exactly what he was doing.