David Archuleta will Visit Good Day Utah Monday

David Archuleta Arrives at Fox 13 Studios

American Idol 2007 runner-up, David Archuleta, will visit Good Day Utah on Monday, July 14th. Watch his appearance on Fox 13 or on the MyFoxUtah Live Streaming page.


Archuleta was the More Impressive of the Two Davids in ‘Idols Live!’ Concert

Thousands of young girls let loose earsplitting shrieks. Little boys tussled with teens for space on the arena floor. Moms and dads waved their arms in the air. Security guards readied themselves in case things got ugly.

And all that was for the person inside the Pop-Tart outfit and his accompanying band of mascots, who were firing T-shirts out of air guns prior to the start of the show.

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David Archuleta Plans To Finish School While Working On Music

American Idol runner-up David Archuleta says now that the competition is over, he plans to finish school while working on his music career. The 17-year-old singer did some class homework while on the show this season, but now says he hopes to fully wrap things up with high school.

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David Archuleta can Still Beat David Cook at the Grammys and Beyond

Sure, David Cook pulled off that jaw dropper over David Archuleta on “American Idol,” but David Archuleta can still beat David Cook by winning more showbiz awards in the future and by having a longer career.

Some people think David Cook has an edge right now because he’s more “cool” in that rocker way, but David Archuleta has a secret and maybe more powerful advantage: He’s a more romantic figure. Female fans ache for him. Even crazy ole Paula Abdul admitted getting “goosebumps” when he sang those I-gotta-have-you-or-I’m-gonna-die power ballads.

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Cook Won the Battle . . . Will Archuleta Win the War?

While David Cook beat out loveable, 17-year-old David Archuleta by 12 million votes, crowning him this season’s American Idol, it is speculated that the loser may win bigger in the future. Los Angeles Times reporter Tom O’Neil feels the younger David has what Cook is lacking – the ability to seduce the audience.

While Cook is ingenuitive, with a rocker edge, and musical talent, Archuleta may fair better in the age-old congeniality category. Sources continue to praise his romantic angle – the fact that he has what puts any male pop sensation on top of the charts . . . female adoration.

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Older Votes May Have Cost Archuleta ‘Idol’ Crown

It’s a question that likely is gnawing at every David Archuleta fan in the aftermath of the “American Idol” finale: How could the 17-year-old Murray kid with the golden voice and vast teen following lose on television’s biggest show?

After all, from the first live episode where he effortlessly sang “Shop Around,” Archuleta quickly captured the imaginations of millions of 12- to 15-year-olds with his cherubic face, soft grin and soulful voice.

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Murray High School Supports Their Idol

David Archuleta finished second in this year’s American Idol competition. A result that shocked many across the country and left students at Murray High with mixed emotions. Fox 13’s Nineveh Dinha has more.

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