David Archuleta Reacts to Cook’s Win

David Archuleta talked with Fox 13 after the American Idol finale. He said he was expecting David Cook to win. He also said he’s going to keep working on his music. David Archuleta will perform at the sold out American Idol concert tour in July 14 in Salt Lake City.

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Fans React to Archuleta’s Loss

Even though many thought David Archuleta was sure to win the title, David Cook got the most votes, becoming the seventh Idol. Fox 13’s Max Roth has fan reaction from L.A.

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Archuleta, Cook Get Ready for Season Finale

David Archuleta and David Cook will go head-to-head Tuesday, vying for the nation’s votes in the season finale of “American Idol.” Both contenders are confident and calm about Tuesday’s show. Fox 13’s Max Roth reports from Hollywood.

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Can a David Archuleta & David Cook Finals Save American Idol Ratings?

The final four contestants are set for American idol.  It might not be March Madness but the show is down to the four contestants that America loves best.  The last woman standing is Syesha Mercado.  David Archuleta and David Cook and the soulful Jason Castro join her to make up the rest of the final four for season seven of American idol.

The show has struggled all year and it needs a big finish to keep fans interested.  Can a David Cook and David Archuleta finals save American idol from another ratings drop?  Star Magazine reports that the Fox reality show’s ratings have plummeted, with the April 15 episode featuring Mariah Carey songs racking up the lowest number of viewers since 2004!

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American Idol: It’s David vs. David

Forget David vs. Goliath. The battle of the century is David vs. David, and the arena is the glittering stage of TV’s No. 1 hit, “American Idol.”

In one corner is Utah’s own David Archuleta, a sweet, humble, baby-faced crooner full of hope and dreams. Sweating it out in the other is Missouri’s David Cook, whose haunting arrangements and too-cool-for-school air has made him a popular counterpoint to Archuleta’s optimism and pre-teen appeal.

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American Idol Judges Make Their Predictions

Appearing on Larry King Live Monday night, American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul all agreed that David Cook and David Archuleta were the one’s to beat.

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American Idol Votes: David Cook Versus David Archuleta

David Cook and David Archuleta

Who are the favorites for American idol and who will get the votes this season to win the popularity contest known as American idol?  If you believe that David Archuleta and David Cook are on the top of the competition at this point in time with just eight contestants left, that is surely accurate.  In fact, there are some that believe that David Archuleta has such a strong fan base of teens and tweens built up, he is unstoppable at this point.

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