What’s Next for David?

Simon Cowell wasn’t the only person blown away by David Archuleta’s “knockout” three-song performance on American Idol’s May 20 showdown.  So was David Cook, who won the title (by 12 millions votes!) but concedes that Archuleta bested him during the duo’s final performance show.  “Archie did a great job,” Cook, 25, says of his 17-year-old rival.  “He deserved to win.  He came out and did three amazing songs.”

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3 Responses to “What’s Next for David?”

  1. whammy Says:

    He is allowed to date and has dated. Right now he wants to finish school and concentrate on his music. He has plenty of time later to find that special someone when he is settled in with school and music.

  2. jim f. Says:

    Enough of the D. Archuleta crap. He sucks. Move on, get over it, he is a loser.

    A David Archuleta Tracker? Are you kidding me. What a joke. I am so sick of this idiot.

    Hey wammy, what’s the names of some of the people he dated? Let me guess, Bill, Steven, Johnathan, Matt………..

  3. jan Says:

    Jim if you are sick of David why are you spending your time blogging about him. He is a very talented young man who is doing well and desearves it. What is wrong with people who can not believe a 17 year old is not dating. People mature at differant rates. Two of my happily married children with children of their own didn’t date until after college! You are the loser here, open your mind and dare think of something positive.

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