Fast Food Bidding War for David Archuleta Begins

He may not have won “American Idol,” but David Archuleta already has his hands full… sorting through employment offers from fast food chains.

Dateline Hollywood has confirmed that seven different Subway stores three McDonalds locations, and an astonishing 27 Arby’s franchises are bidding for Archuleta’s services starting in 2010 once his brief music career has inevitably faded.

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7 Responses to “Fast Food Bidding War for David Archuleta Begins”

  1. Archuleta In Mcdonalds it is not even funny!!! Says:

    YOU guys from Fox Utah, why will you even put something so stupid in your weside?
    You guys have no respect.

    Archuleta will do very good as a singer.

    Why will you do that?

  2. Maria Nordlund Says:

    Did You guys watch David Archuleta in the Larry King show?
    He is just awesome.

    He has a very brrigt furture, he got a contract alredy for his first CD
    Way to go David!!!
    I love you Angeleta!!

  3. dh Says:

    You DO know this is a parody, right?

  4. jennifer Says:

    Rumor go around that he signed with JIVE with bigger money than the winner! He can’t ta;k about it as yet because it’s business!

  5. MCB Says:

    I can’t believe a “reputable” news agency such as Fox Utah would stoop down this low to publish a gossip magazine’s article about David working at such restaurants if he will not succeed in the music industry. Nothing wrong working in such restaurants but it is clear that the article’s intention is to belittle David’s talent as an artist.
    FYI, David is talking with Jive Records about a recording deal. He has confirmed it at Larry King Live. Jive Records is behind the success of such artists like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown and lasyt year’s American Idol winner Jordin Sparks to name just a few.

  6. whimzical Says:

    archie will not be down by 2010. i repeat. NOT BE DOWN! he still has to sing in vancouver for the olympics, still has to keep on doing concerts when he’s finally a full grown man, still has to release albums when he’s reached his middle life crisis, and still has to continue on serenading hearts of women both you and old when he’s a senior. đŸ™‚

  7. Karen Says:

    Before he’s done, David will be more well-known than those franchises mentioned. We’re talking about some really serious talent here, folks. David’s gonna be HUGE. No doubt about it.

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