David Archuleta Wins Big With Jive

David Archuleta might have not won American Idol, but let’s just say he’s not hiding in a dark corner crying his little eyes out.

He has been picked up by Jive for his album debut, coming sometime this summer.

Going against tradition, a single from the second place finisher will not be released until close to the full-length release date.


17 Responses to “David Archuleta Wins Big With Jive”

  1. Thanking Jive Says:

    Thanks God, I already miss his singing, so coming out with his album is a relief. I will surely buy his album and all his albums in the future, until he is old like Neil Diamond. David is a great guy and deserve nothing but good future.

  2. Kevin Says:

    That would be awesome if he could get that done with Jive that early, but I don’t think it’s going to happen that soon. He has the American Idol tour which doesn’t end until September (which is passed this summer) in which he has to spend the time performing and rehersing with everyone else probably everyday. Not to mention, Jive would need to work with him to work on songs for his album which I doubt could be done that soon, especially with all that chaos going on, but that’d be awesome if it did come out that early. l can’t wait until his CD comes out!

  3. MariaM Says:

    I am so happy for him!!
    Did you guys see the Larry King show today?
    He was there and he was very good. He seems very happy!!!
    I am happy to hear that such a good Cd company sing with him, they have usher, Britney etc. A lot very good singers. I am so happy for him!!


  4. Sam Lim Says:

    I would advice David not to rush for lunching his first album if he wants to stay in the music business for a long time; as the saying goes: Haze is Waste. In this music business world you have to very smart and careful – think like a businessman this will be your first baby you have to nuture it – make sure its in a good quality and the craftmanship is perfectly done – If you can finish first you AI tour and then you can focus and concentrate with you Album. One lousy Album in the music business your done – your music label can just drop you like a hot potato – don’t be like one of those static one record deal and thats it. Check other previous Idol who were drop by there label what they have done wrong. I am just hoping you read this – remember your fans wants you to be succesful.

  5. Kirstie Says:

    Oh My Gosh! I’m so happy for him. I love him. He was much favourite from the begining! I can’t wait to buy his CD. I know he will be doing great things!

  6. Tom Says:

    American Idol is rigged. In fact, it was probably Archuleta who won with a 12 million votes difference and they put Cook at the winner’s place instead.

    During the Top 3 contest, they gave Syesha Mercado a song about penguins to sing! Archuleta was planned to sing a good song and they asked him to sing another song and they give Archuleta’s song to Cook to sing!!
    This show is rigged!

    I am convinced that the type of singing by Archuleta has a more widespread appeal than the Rock sung by Cook and therefore the 12 million difference in votes should probably be for Archuleta.

    Cook is good too but I simply do not believe that he won American Idol in the number of votes like it was presented.

  7. SoJo Says:

    I listened to an interview with David Foster who said that Daivd Archuleta should win but David Cook would…I can’t believe how American got it so wrong!

    I like David Cook but he isn’t very original. If I heard his song on the radio – I wouldn’t know which band was playing and I can’t see him having much staying power. (Another point that David Foster made!) I could pick out David Archuleta’s voice anywhere! He is unique and has so much talent! He also knows who he is and what he wants to do with his music – so I am sure that he will put out one heck of an album!

    I have been so impressed with how David A. has handled himself! What an amazing 17 year old!

    I look forward to hearing more from him soon! And will be in line to buy his CD! I already miss hearing him each week!

    David – Thanks for being OUR American Idol!

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    I totally agree about the votes. I don’t believe that he could have lost at all, let a lone by so many votes. I was totally blown away with the results. David Foster got it 100% right about David Cook’s voice, being so common and the same. David Archuleta’s voice is clearly so unique and fresh. He rightfully deserved to win. I felt so sad for him cuz I thought that it was suposed to be his moment on that stage. But I know Archuleta will go far. I also hope that Disney picks him up as well. I wanted to be so mad at the show and Cook, but as good hearted and kind Archuleta is, I know he wouldn’t have wanted us to feel that way. And as one of his fans I will respect that. However, David Archuleta YOU ARE FOREVER OUR AMERICAN IDOL. Good luck and God bless! We’ll see you soon!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Archuleta has been robbed! 12 million votes my butt! America is obsessed with the wrong kind of music.

  10. Alex Says:

    I think JIVE already has all of the songs and just needs David Archuleta to fill in the missing parts – his excellent voice.

  11. Coco Says:

    I believe Alex is right. Remember…David can sing ANYTHING!!! All JIVE needs is David’s amazing voice!! Good luck David.

  12. Tracy Says:

    I totally agree, there is no way Archuleta could of lost to Cook to that many votes. When it clearly shows he has the most votes world wide then any other contestent. The show is rigged, they had it planned. All in all, we know Archie and Cook may have won the fight but Archie will win the battle. He will bring home more grammy’s. He has that romantic side to him when on stage and captivaty voice that Cook is lacking. No worries, we know who the real idol is.

  13. Jordin Lover Says:

    I totally agree with all of you, except for Sam Lim. If he “rushes his cd” it will still be amazing, he could do anything!!!!! No matter what, I’m buying his CD the day it comes out, just like I did with the beautiful and amazing jordin sparks! I can’t wait to hear his 1st and many singles, his album is all that is on my mind right now!!! Plus he was robbed! David Cook may be good, but Archie totally deserved the title. Whoever liked cook more than archie is crazy, because Archie IS unique and David Cook is the SAME rock voice you hear from everybody else! Anyway, Good Luck David Archuleta, and i will not hate cook or AI, because (again) I know you wouldn’t want that.
    P.S. please try to sing a duet with Jordin Sparks!! On her website they asked who we would like her to collaborate with and you got 242 votes!!! cook only got 132!!!
    P.S.2: I am the guy who sent you the song called “I Realize Now”!!!!!!!!!

  14. Renee Says:

    To all:

    Being from David’s Home state- it was amazing to see him come home to a welcome – I could not even believe. The fans were awesome he was great- Thanks David.

    As for his CD- I will wait forever if need be, he has the voice that can steal any ones heart. I hope he will be able to put a few of the songs he sang on AI, that would be awesome.

    As for doing a duet with Jordin Sparks, I think that would be great as well, but I think that doing a duet with Carrie Underwood or even Kellie Pickler would be good to.

    Keep up the Good work David and see you on stage in July, as he comes to Utah.

  15. Sam Lim Says:

    He should have WON there is no doubt about it. For majority of America expected him to WIN. That’s why until now it’s still being talked about even though AI is already over and I don’t really buy the 12 million vote nobody does.


    Randy is correct, He is exactly the show is all about. He is The Best Singer and The Star. I know he will make it BIG with his music career.

    I’m done with American Idol – No Offense meant. I did only watch it because of Archie. I will just support him in his music career.

  16. soph Says:

    I too believe that the votes were rigged, anyway, it is over, and my DA will be the biggest new artist out there. I can’t wait for him to come out with his first CD. Cook might have taken the title, but archie will always be my AI, and I will always love him. Apart from 2 AI winners, the runner ups, generally do better than the actual winners.

  17. PAula Says:

    David Archuleta is the best vocalist I have seen in decades. American Idol is rigged and it was a supreme rip off waste of time this season. Cook is awful.

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