Local Archuleta Fans Baffled by Cook’s Victory

Thousands gathered at the EnergySolutions Arena Wednesday night to watch a live broadcast of the American Idol finale. Fox 13’s Arikka Von was there.

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3 Responses to “Local Archuleta Fans Baffled by Cook’s Victory”

  1. Maria Pereira Says:

    This has been quite a schock! 😮
    I’m still feeling kind of mad ;-( & kind of sad 😦
    Since last night I have had this thought that those results were somehow not right… :-\ (?)
    Anyway, there is nothing I can do but just to leave all this in God’s hands and pray for lots of blessings to come to David Archuleta’s life. Of course that he can count on me to buy his music! 🙂
    I want to say that I truly believe that he does not only represent the beautiful american people that identify with him but also he’s representing the souls of so many much more people from all over the world!
    Thanks for giving not only the best of your voice dear Archie, but also the best of your heart.
    Please don’t ever let the evil part of the world change the beautiful parts of you!
    Lots of success and happiness!

    With much, much love and admiration for precious lil munchkin, 🙂
    Maria P.
    (From Caracas, Venezuela)

  2. Debby Says:

    I can’t believe that David did not win, he was the better singer at the finals and of all the contestants.His voice is fantastic, so pure and soothing.I wish more teenagers were like him. All the judges said he was the best so what happened. I am so angry. Dear David you have a great future in the music industry but please don’t let that change the beautiful person you are. I don’t know what kind of Idol they were looking for but I am sure they didn’t find it. In my country, on a TV show, people were ask who they would like to be the AI and 95% said David A. I don’t care who won, you are our American Idol. Best wishes to you and God grant you His riches blessings. All our love to you.
    South America.

  3. CMS Says:

    Fret not Archie Fans! The main reason that our David did not win was because most of his fans went to bed earlier then those older fans of Cook. Had this contest been run on Sat morning…David A would have flew into the first place spot and that is a fact! He will out sell Cook in every way. Albums, concerts and special appearances. Watch and see, David A will indeed be bigger then Cook when it is all said and done.

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