Fans React to Archuleta’s Loss

Even though many thought David Archuleta was sure to win the title, David Cook got the most votes, becoming the seventh Idol. Fox 13’s Max Roth has fan reaction from L.A.

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2 Responses to “Fans React to Archuleta’s Loss”

  1. Linda B Says:

    Seriously folks, AI had no intention on letting David A win. They have been setting DC up for the win for a long, long time. And if you watched the show from the beginning and read up on a lot of shady stuff that AI did, you would understand. Not to say that DC isn’t talented, he is, but check out the voice, not so good, but he had the “look” they wanted this year. Apparantly since they let Daughty (however you spell it) slip through their fingers, DA had to pay the price. They even went so far as to fool around with the voting lines. So sad. Well, hope its what DC really wanted, because the number one guy usually doesn’t make it. Now DA is the lucky one. He’s unbelievably talented and I’ve never heard a voice like his in a long time. He’s gonna make it big. Well, its just the beginning for him. Peace to all!!

  2. Corky Says:

    That really sucks!! I liked Archuletta from the very beginning! I know they did something with the phone lines the night before. I tried voting for DA for over 3 hours and couldn’t get through, (not even once). Just a fast busy signal. I’ve voted my fingers off for him every other week and was able to get though at least 1/2 the time. How do they get away with this??

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