David Archuleta Reacts to Cook’s Win

David Archuleta talked with Fox 13 after the American Idol finale. He said he was expecting David Cook to win. He also said he’s going to keep working on his music. David Archuleta will perform at the sold out American Idol concert tour in July 14 in Salt Lake City.

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14 Responses to “David Archuleta Reacts to Cook’s Win”

  1. barbara Says:

    It’s not fair at all our Archi has worked very hard and he can’t just be let down like this but he knew that Cook would win and it’s weird cause it seems like the judges choose who should win each year and not America because yesterday the lines were so busy for Archi bou COkk lines were just dull and i though Archi would win because well we have a lot of utahns and other states so it was a big shock i was crying it was horiible it should have gone this way at all.

  2. Maria Nordlund Says:

    Hi you all from Utah.
    I am a David Archuleta bigest fan, I am not from Utah. He is awesome and he has a bright future.
    I love him!!!
    He is the best, it doesn’t matter if he didn’t get the title he is still an american idol

  3. barbara Says:

    well he’s also a very smart boy he could have known earlier because it seemed like the judges were voteing for cook and not archi

  4. barbara Says:

    he’s still my American idol though

  5. Zaki Says:

    gr8 post,

    I like your blog, can I add to my blogroll ?

  6. jennifer Says:

    OK, COngrats to COOK. He’s talented. I am not surprised at all.

    But, I would have been proud of him more if his victory came clearer than this. Just hours before the finale, Simon went around on EVERY national TV shows endorsing Cook. It’s impossible for DA to win.

    He has been rooting for Cook to win for weeks and in a sudden turn against him on Tuesday night? Too transparent! He just gave DA the kiss of death. Simon Cowell is a businessman who is very strategic. He knows how to manipulate the votes to get his favorite win. He did the exact same thing to get Leona Lewis win in the UK.

    Nothing against Cook. He deserves it not less than Archie, but it just that the help from the judge and producers make it less appreciative.

  7. Maria Nordlund Says:

    I am totally with Jennifer. I am so up set with the whole thing that I will never ever watch American Idol Again.
    It is not about David Cook , he is good too.
    But I love David Archuleta.
    We all should try not to watch american idol, it is a fake!!!

  8. Linzee G. Says:

    I am so mad,David Cook does not even come close to what David A.did.I feel it has to do with being from Utah and being mormon.I will not be watchiong American Idol next year because they screwed David A.out of the title that he worked easily the hardest for.David Cook was only good once in a while,David A.was good every time his mouth opened.But I think we have some deaf and dumb people out there,so to say the least I am really MAD……

  9. Linda G Says:

    I think David Cook won because he is the better performer.
    David A is only good at ballads.
    Also I read that AI were having problems with David A’s dad……

  10. Linda B Says:

    Okay, enough about David’s dad already. That was blown way out of proportion. And I agree with Jennifer on her points. And I have nothing against DC personally, because he has some talent, but he definitely was not the best. But in general, I think his singing was lacking something. Sure he was showy and rock and roll, but that’s all I give him. People like him are a dime a dozen. And really, everyone saw how that show set the stage for DC to win. Couldn’t he win it by himself? And Simon’s comments were all a setup. And how he was falling all over himself apologizing to DC for his bad comments. Please. The winner was chosen weeks in advance and it was all very carefully thought out. And I’m still not convinced how they tally those votes, but who would ever know. But as from previous AI seasons, America has never gotten the winner right (maybe 1 or 2). The winner is usually the second place person, just like in this case. So, its over and I’m sure God has a bigger plan for DA. The only good thing about AI is DA. At least we found ourselves a very talented and gracious young man that really changed a lot of lives with his singing. I just don’t think he realizes how many fans he has. So Peace to DA and to all, but, yet another unsatisfying year of AI, as usual.

  11. Linda G Says:

    To Linda B………paragraphs help!
    Also about david’s dad, that was NOT blown out of proportion.

    I wish DA well, he needs lots of luck excaping from his Dad!

  12. Linda B Says:

    To Linda G-

    How would you know? Were you there? Don’t believe everything you read.

    Oh, and is this better? Can you read it better now with the paragraphs?


  13. Scilla Says:

    The whole thing with David’s dad was blown out of proportion. If you have not met him personally then you are spreading rumors.
    I really like David Cook and am glad that he won. I have wanted a rocker to win since 2005, but this was the first year that I really liked both contestants.
    David Archuleta is a very talented musician and he will surprise a lot of people I am sure.
    Good luck to both of them; they both deserve it.

  14. Linda G Says:

    To Linda B…………I’m sorry!
    Having a bad day here in the office and took it out on you….

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