And The American Idol Winner Is…

It’s official – David Cook is this year’s American Idol. After five months of Idol, it all came down to two finalists, David Archuleta and David Cook. Neither contestant was ever in the bottom three.

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23 Responses to “And The American Idol Winner Is…”

  1. linda Says:

    I am so pleased that David Cook won!!!
    Davied Archuleta has a good voice, but no stage presence.
    he is only good at singing ballads…..ZZZZzzzzzzz

  2. Kaila Says:

    I think that David Archuleta should have won over David cook. David A has more of a furture than the other david, And could sing all kinds of music where david cook can only sing rock!!! Even know i live in david archuleta home town, if i didnt i still would have voted for him. And i tryed to vote for him yesterday night but all the number where busy and would not let me go through.

  3. McCall and Lindy Says:

    This is flippin retarded David Cook was not supposed to win David Archuleta was supposed to win. I am really bummed and mad, this is not how it should be.

  4. Kimberly Says:

    I think David Archeluta should have won he is way better than David Cook.

  5. Nena Says:

    I was gutted to hear that David Cook won American Idol, I know they are both great talents and I like them both, but I really thought David A did the better job last night. I know that David Archuletta has a very bright future ahead of him at any rate. David hold your head high because you are an amazing talent and person, and I hope to hear much more from you. We will all be awaiting your cd!!!! You have fans of all ages!!!We love you David!!!! Nena from Springville

  6. Ann Says:

    David A. showed more of what A.I. represents, intertaining and enjoying it. David C. at times seemed to make a mockery of the show. After all he did not even plan on trying out.
    David A., however, will go on to show more class and respect for the music and the fans.

  7. McCall and Lindy Says:

    This is Oh-So-Oh unfair!! We have been balling our eyes out we R so sad!! We think this was rigged…… WE (heart) David Archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to Marry him!! Even though i am like 4 years younger than him…

  8. Brandon M. Says:

    I have to admit I was disappointed with the result tonight. David Archuleta was easily the better singer last night and deserved to win American Idol. However, David Cook is a great performer and had a good fan base. In the end America picks their idol. Even though the judges picked Archuleta! Congratulations David Archuleta! You are Utah’s American Idol!

  9. McCall and Lindy Says:

    David Cook has a raspy voice and like yells into the microphone when Davin A is just NATURAL!! HE sooo should have won!!

  10. Sami Says:

    I cant belive cook won I was ruting for David Archuleta!
    I was crying so bad! David you should have won! I think they miss counted the votes! Utah the loves you!

  11. McCall and Lindy Says:

    We meant David on the second line SORRY

  12. Masa Says:

    I think that david Archuleta is the one that should of won. He has more of a clear voice and can sing all kinds of music!!! David cook sounds like he can sing just rock and punk music. But i still think David Archuleta will become more famous than david cook!!! I think something is going on with the votes, if i tryed to vote and never went trough than how did david cook get that many votes???

  13. Quinn and Collin Says:

    David Archuleta should have won, plus he’s wicked hot!!!
    i was really upset when we watched it!!!!!!! David Archuleta still rocks my socks off!!!!! i love david!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Shelley Says:

    Re count the Votes and prove it!!! David Archuleta is the WINNER!!!

  15. keely Says:

    u know wat im so mad i litrally cryed my F ing eyes out!so did my best friend! david A needed to win he really daserves it! a lot!!!now david C he does too but come on david A can sing tons of different songs and david C can only sing stupid F ing rock!seriously dude come on give me a brake!!!!!

  16. Scott Niehoff from Virginia Says:

    I am disappointed that David Cook won since David A has been a complete and utter inspiration to countless millions this entire season. He will be just fine though. It may be better that he didn’t win it since he can have more of a say into what kind of record he makes. (Just look at the rest of the runner ups and how well they do without 19 Entertainment.) I would love to see David A do either pop or a Christian pop/rock album. He has a natural God-given ability. What better way to thank God for that than to sing his praises and bring others to Christ?
    Even though I am sad that David A did not win, it is fitting that David Cook won tonight for one reason: his older brother’s last wish (he is the one suffering from terminal cancer) was that David Cook win American Idol. Now we can say that that wish has come true for David Cook’s ailing brother. God bless both Davids! May both your futures be bright and successful!

  17. Hating A Idol Says:


  18. More Disgusted Says:

    This will take time for me to get over with. I still cannot phantom that David Cook has won. It is obviously a CHEAT, orchestrated by American Idol.

  19. Stacy Says:

    I have always wondered if the results were true or if they were rigged. Well now I do wonder if they are rigged. My husband and I were voting, on Tuesday night, for Archuleta and one time my husband was voting, using his cell phone and just kept hitting send, he called and the recording said, Thank you for voting for contestant number 1 and Archuleta was Contestant number 2. What? So are the results rigged? My husband and I are really curious if anyone else out there had this same thing happen to them? I just have to say I heard way more Archuleta fans than Cook and I really don’t mean anything against Cook because he is a good singer and will do good but I feel that Archuleta should have won.

  20. Linda Says:

    I think David C won because the American public were fed up with David A’s dad……….he put me off voting for David A.

  21. Gina L Says:

    Go David Cook!!!! YES!!!!

  22. Maria Pereira Says:

    This has been quite a schock! 😮
    I’m still feeling kind of mad ;-( & kind of sad 😦
    Since last night I have had this thought that those results were somehow not right… :-\ (?)
    Anyway, there is nothing I can do but just to leave all this in God’s hands and pray for lots of blessings to come to David Archuleta’s life. Of course that he can count on me to buy his music! 🙂
    I want to say that I truly believe that he does not only represent the beautiful american people that identify with him but also he’s representing the souls of so many much more people from all over the world!
    Thanks for giving not only the best of your voice dear Archie, but also the best of your heart.
    Please don’t ever let the evil part of the world change the beautiful parts of you!
    Lots of success and happiness!

    With much, much love and admiration for precious lil munchkin, 🙂
    Maria P.
    (From Caracas, Venezuela)

  23. Baberufus Says:

    I agree that the voting was rigged. David A. should have won–definitely. But he is from Utah, a Mormon to boot, and IMO nothing or nobody from Utah will ever be accepted by the majority of the American public. That, and it seems that every kind of competition these days is rigged. Forget about it ever coming down to who is better or who really deserves to win. It’s all about greed, politics and other BS. It’s just a symptom of the corruption of our society. And it will continue to get worse.

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