Voice Coach: David Sounds Better on TV than in Idol Auditorium

David Archuleta Performs \"Think of Me\"

David Archuleta’s voice coach Dean Kaelin went to David’s performance Tuesday night. He told Fox 13 he thought David sounded better on TV than he did in the Idol auditorium.

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3 Responses to “Voice Coach: David Sounds Better on TV than in Idol Auditorium”

  1. jennifer Says:

    This makes me sick. I believed all along the show is manipulative and the reason they tried to get rid of Jeff Archuleta is because they can manipulate David easier. Now this comfirms all those theories.

    Darn! Be prepared to vote people. Also be prepared for all the bus Simon and Nigel will throw toward David Archuleta’s way.

    This is just disgusting. Don’t they really know why the show is loosing ratings?? Because it lose its innosense.

  2. OBx2 Says:

    The only thing I am going to address is this: How could David A have chosen the last song in the first place? It was the choice of the producer. That should tell you one thing, this guy is full of something.

  3. fiery Says:

    About the last song, they’re talking about the arrangement, not the actual song choice.

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