‘Idol’ Showdown: David Archuleta vs. David Cook

I don’t think it was any surprise that Syesha Mercado was voted off “American Idol” on Wednesday night. It was just a formality, really. Probably somewhere around mid-season, most avid “Idol” watchers pretty much knew which two contestants would be left standing.

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One Response to “‘Idol’ Showdown: David Archuleta vs. David Cook”

  1. Will Says:

    I think this year’s prize is going to Archuleta. I personally do not think he was the best singer on the show, I really like Syesha’s voice, but he is the contest most closely aligned with those who really buy cd, the show’s real target audience, teenagers probably mostly girsl to boot. They, young girls buy records, they watch the show, they text in their votes we all beleive we have something to do with the outcome.

    This show mascarades as a singing contest, it is really about finding the person that will sell the most records. The judges get behind that person and try to lean us towards believing they are the best. That is what I think.

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