David Archuleta’s Dad Loses ‘American Idol’ Backstage Pass

LOS ANGELES  —  Backstage meddling has caught up “American Idol” favorite David Archuleta’s dad, who’s been banned from rehearsals, a person working for the TV talent contest said Friday.

Jeff Archuleta was told this week by producers that he can no longer join 17-year-old son as David as he prepares for the show, the person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. The person wasn’t authorized to comment publicly and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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9 Responses to “David Archuleta’s Dad Loses ‘American Idol’ Backstage Pass”

  1. Concerned Fan Says:

    The story was false. Here’s the truth, as always truth will prevail:
    LOS ANGELES According to American Idol spokesperson Andrea Jamison, the rumor about Jeff Archuleta, Idol contestant David Archuleta’s father, being banned from backstage and rehearsals is false.
    “The rumor that surfaced yesterday on an entertainment Web site about Mr. Archuleta are categorically false,” said Ms. Jamison. “As part of normal procedures at American Idol, all family members of contestants and personal coaches are prohibited from participating in rehearsals during the final two weeks of the competition and the finale.”
    According to online Web site TMZ, Jeff Archuleta was told this week by producers that he can no longer join his 17-year-old son David as he prepares for the show. The person was allegedly not authorized to comment publicly and spoke on the condition of anonymity.
    However, Ms. Jamison stated that this was mischaracterized. “The ‘ban’, if you will, applies to all family members and others not directly affiliated with the show and 19 Entertainment. This did not single out Mr. Archuleta nor do producers have any problems with his conduct whatsoever.”
    Unquote: Go David A go!!!!

  2. Ann Says:

    I cannot believe FoxUtah reproduces this non sense-rumours about one of their own, and even long after AI-officials declared the rumours to be false!!!

    Someone at FoxUtah needs to take responsibility and take that article down – or put the AI official’s statement up – NOW!

    Man, this is totally spoiling the good eneregy and joy of David-Day!

  3. josh Says:

    I am surprised and disappointed that you posted this.

    The original source of this rumor is TMZ, a site focusing on filth, sleaze and lies.

    It’s ironic that the poster here is called “archuletafan.”

    Well, I guess Fox will do anything for money and better ratings. Really nice job, guys! Classy stuff.

  4. josh Says:

    I will never watch American Idol after this season.

    All the attacks on the youngest contestant have revealed the true nature of the show, and it makes me sick.

    If Archuleta is voted off before the finale, I will immediately stop watching, and so will many others.

    The show is old-fashioned, and it seems to be impossible for the producers to do anything contemporary because they’re stuck in the seventies. This season, I have been watching AI only because Archuleta’s rare and exceptional talent.

  5. just someone Says:

    People Magazine: State-dad rumors not true


    Jeff Archuleta was accused of interfering in the production when he wanted David, 17, to alter his “Stand By Me” performance by adding a verse from Sean Kingston’s 2007 summer hit “Beautiful Girls,” against producers’ wishes.

    “I get frustrated with this because of course they never get the story the way it really is,” says Richard Parkinson, 35, of Murray, Utah, who for the last three years has been working with David Archuleta on arrangements, and has also written and performed with the young Idol star. “It is completely unfair that he be taking the brunt of this, if that’s exactly what’s going on. It’s awful … It’s really awful.”

    David’s voice coach, Dean Kaelin, told PEOPLE in an email Saturday: “He is just not allowed to go into the arranging sessions with David. It is more of a fairness issue than anything else, since the other two contestants don’t have people on site to help with their arrangements. It is not a punishment.”

    Kaelin calls David “a good kid” and adds: “Jeff just happens to be there because David is a minor and is required by law to have a guardian with him. David’s dad is just a caring, concerned parent that fortunately has some musical expertise, and some people fear that because of this David receives an unfair advantage.”

    Parkinson also denies the “stage-dad” allegations. “Jeff is a great guy. He’s involved. He’s intense. I’m intense. Sometimes people don’t like that. He’s raised a great kid. We absolutely love him. It’s unfair and uncalled for.”

  6. Vickie Says:

    Utah Fox gotta post the new article on People too!
    Please! Don’t make people confused and misunderstand!
    I thought Utah Fox always supports David Archuleta! I still have faith in you!
    I love David Archuleta and feel so sorry for Mr. Jeff. He loves his son and willing to do anything helpful to his son’s performance! If I were him, I’d do the same!

  7. Robin Says:

    How sad is it that people have to tear one another down! Sorry, I don,t believe a word of the hog wash about Mr Archuleta. You can tell both the parents did a good job in raising David. What a humble young man, someone the young people can look up to and admire! Will be interesting to see in 5 to 10 years from now how David has growen. We are all proud of you , and wishing you all the best , life has to offer. God did break the mold when He made you!! And yes you are doing what God wants you to do, you touch lives every day!!

  8. Jennie Says:

    Here comes the bus for little David.
    There have been so many evidence that American Idol try to finish him at top 3.
    First the two lame songs from the judge and producer.
    Then this garbage.
    If you go to American Idol forum, you will notice that all positive threads about David Archuleta got deleted by the moderators, while other contestants’s thread never get deleted.
    Whatever negative about little David even though it’s just rumour, they keep it. Again, they deleted any thread negative about David Cook.

    Just wait and see the footag of homecomings on Wednesday night. We all witnessed how crazy it was in Utah, but I don’t think AI will show those crazy scenes. They will try their best to cut the scene where you see them emmty fiend and little people.

    People, we need to vote harder. David Archuleta deserves this more than anyone else.

  9. ace Says:

    The Canadian Press:

    Randy Jackson dismisses reports that Archuleta’s father had infuriated producers by demanding a lyric change on last week’s show.

    He predicts the finale will pit Archuleta against 26-year-old rocker David Cook, with the baby-faced teen ultimately taking the title.


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