Can a David Archuleta & David Cook Finals Save American Idol Ratings?

The final four contestants are set for American idol.  It might not be March Madness but the show is down to the four contestants that America loves best.  The last woman standing is Syesha Mercado.  David Archuleta and David Cook and the soulful Jason Castro join her to make up the rest of the final four for season seven of American idol.

The show has struggled all year and it needs a big finish to keep fans interested.  Can a David Cook and David Archuleta finals save American idol from another ratings drop?  Star Magazine reports that the Fox reality show’s ratings have plummeted, with the April 15 episode featuring Mariah Carey songs racking up the lowest number of viewers since 2004!

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13 Responses to “Can a David Archuleta & David Cook Finals Save American Idol Ratings?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    No! David archuleta and Syesha will be in the finale!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I totally Agree!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Jason Will go home next!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    yeah.then david cook!Goung home!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Who will win out of David Cook and David archuleta?David Archuleta.But that’s not the truth it’s just if that happens

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    I think the same as everyone before me

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Jason Castro Shouldn’t have made it in the top 12!
    Luke Menard should have!!!!!!!!!!!!!not

  9. bem Says:

    ..i think carly deserves to be on the top 3 or top 2…!!!! i think jason shouldn’t even made it through the top 5… i really don’t understand these people..!!!!! carly deserves more than jason..i don’t know why the heck did calry got voted off the show..maybe the votes!!!!!! that pulled her off!!!! ok.. pls. vote for david james archuleta…!!!!! he is the next american idol soo…. pls. do vote for him..ok..??? i think david A. and Syesha would probably on the finals..(top 2) go Archie…!!!!!we love you..!!!!!!

  10. bem Says:

    ..david cook is totally pain in the ass…!!!!! he should leave the show…!!!! and jason castro..!!!! brooke and carly deserves their spot..!!!!!!

  11. jennifer Says:

    People, the show has picked their winner and that is David Cook, whether or not you like it. They are only playing around with David Archuleta’s popularlity and will throw him under the bus soon.

    From now on, whatever DA does, he will not get great comments from the judges espacially Simon who prefers COok.

    I predict they will give pimpspot to COok on top 3 night.

    It’s a shame, but they will do it anyway. They only way to stop this to vote for Archuleta extra hard.

    Wanna know the real David Cook? CHeck this out

  12. -=kAtrinA=- Says:

    i think it will be the battle of the davids!

    David archuleta will go for the win,that’s for sure!

    everybody likes him,well..uhhmm..who doesn’t!?!

    but, i like David Cook as well..

    Dang it! it’s gonna be a tough fight!

  13. -=kAtrinA=- Says:

    well..base on popularity..its gonna be david archuleta.

    i like David Cook though..but i think that david archuleta comes in a package,isn’t it..

    well..he has what it takes to win american idol.

    i think they both deserve to

    i’ll just support whoever win this..c:

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