Utah Singer Still in the Pack on ‘American Idol’

The field is getting smaller on “American Idol,” but it still includes Utah’s David Archuleta.

The teenager from Murray advances after singing “Think of Me” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera.”

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‘American Idol’ Battle Of The Davids? Finale Could Come Down To Cook Vs. Archuleta

It wasn’t long after Hollywood Week that the fans, the media, and the Las Vegas bookmakers started calling it. Come May 21, when this current and seventh season of “American Idol” is scheduled to conclude, there would be two men (well, a man and a boy) standing … and they’d both be named David.

In one corner, sporting the comb-over and that sexy, trademark scruff, it’s David Cook, the 25-year-old Daughtry-esque rock dude from Blue Springs, Missouri. And in the other corner, it’s David Archuleta, the charming 17-year-old with the cherubic face who calls Murray, Utah home.

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Archuleta’s Father Denies ‘Stage Dad’ Rumors

Not only does David Archuleta’s dad claim he’s not the backstage terror that people have painted him to be, he says he wasn’t even familiar with the phrase “stage dad” until someone explained it to him recently. The “American Idol” front-runner’s dad — who was dubbed the “worst stage dad” by singer Naomi Judd, a judge on “Star Search” when a 12-year-old David performed on the show — told Us Weekly that he’s more like his son’s “music consultant.”

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Us Magazine Interviews David Archuleta’s Dad

American Idol contestant David Archuleta has not only attracted attention for his stunning vocals.

He also has people talking because of his father, Jeff, who has been dubbed a demanding “stage dad” by some media outlets.

TMZ.com has reported that on Idol Jeff — a 47-year-old small business owner in Salt Lake City— has “screamed at his son and has even withheld water during rehearsals, even bringing his son to tears.”

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Naomi Judd: Archuleta has “the worst stage dad”

Naomi Judd knows about being a stage parent and thinks David Archuleta’s dad might be the worst.

The Can You Duet? judge said she first encountered the American Idol seventh-season finalist and his dad Jeff when the now 17-year-old David was a Star Search contestant in 2003 and she was serving as a judge on the show.

“I want to give a shout out to his dad. Leave [David] alone,” said Judd during NBC’s Today broadcast on Thursday morning. “His dad is like the worst stage dad… They had to put him in the security guard’s little box.”

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American Idol: It’s David vs. David

Forget David vs. Goliath. The battle of the century is David vs. David, and the arena is the glittering stage of TV’s No. 1 hit, “American Idol.”

In one corner is Utah’s own David Archuleta, a sweet, humble, baby-faced crooner full of hope and dreams. Sweating it out in the other is Missouri’s David Cook, whose haunting arrangements and too-cool-for-school air has made him a popular counterpoint to Archuleta’s optimism and pre-teen appeal.

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Archuleta Turns ‘Think of Me’ into an Emotional Ballad

David Archuleta embraced Andrew Lloyd Webber night on American Idol as a chance to change things up and show his skills as not just a singer, but as a musician. Up to that point in the competition, he had been the resident singer of the ballads. His niche had been singing powerful songs infused with emotion. It had begun to get a little old, and it was time for Archuleta to spread his wings and try something new on American Idol.

David Archuleta chose to perform Think of Me, an Andrew Lloyd Webber classic. While it was expected that he would sing that song exactly as written, that ended up not being the case. The original Think of Me would have fit nicely into the niche Archuleta has carved for himself. It is an emotional ballad that Archuleta could have delivered in his typical American Idol performance.

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