American Idol Week Ten: The Fix is In?

It’s entirely possible that Paula slipped up like that because the show’s producers have been telling her what to say before every show and thusly manipulating the results. This explanation would seem to jibe with plenty of the show’s other problems this season. Paula and Randy, for instance, have been riding especially hard for David Archuleta, who’s been straight-up awful for the past several weeks, and plenty of anonymous internet types are speculating that the show’s producers consider Archuleta to be the most potentially marketable of this batch of contestants.

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One Response to “American Idol Week Ten: The Fix is In?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    If there is someone in the fix, it’s the other David. Just consider the two-week-in-a-row- pimp spot, the over-pimped performance of the performance. And the recap of the performance last night with Paula declare him the American Idol.

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