Archuleta Turns ‘Think of Me’ into an Emotional Ballad

David Archuleta embraced Andrew Lloyd Webber night on American Idol as a chance to change things up and show his skills as not just a singer, but as a musician. Up to that point in the competition, he had been the resident singer of the ballads. His niche had been singing powerful songs infused with emotion. It had begun to get a little old, and it was time for Archuleta to spread his wings and try something new on American Idol.

David Archuleta chose to perform Think of Me, an Andrew Lloyd Webber classic. While it was expected that he would sing that song exactly as written, that ended up not being the case. The original Think of Me would have fit nicely into the niche Archuleta has carved for himself. It is an emotional ballad that Archuleta could have delivered in his typical American Idol performance.

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