American Idol: It’s David vs. David

Forget David vs. Goliath. The battle of the century is David vs. David, and the arena is the glittering stage of TV’s No. 1 hit, “American Idol.”

In one corner is Utah’s own David Archuleta, a sweet, humble, baby-faced crooner full of hope and dreams. Sweating it out in the other is Missouri’s David Cook, whose haunting arrangements and too-cool-for-school air has made him a popular counterpoint to Archuleta’s optimism and pre-teen appeal.

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4 Responses to “American Idol: It’s David vs. David”

  1. pinkpalgal Says:

    One word, David Cook rules.

  2. Arch Angel Says:

    That’s actually three words. And here are nine more, dingleberry:

    David Archuleta is going to kick David Cook’s ASS!

  3. nobody Says:

    I am sorry but I cannot stand David Cook. I think he is self-conceited — and extremely image-conscious although he acts the opposite. He puts a great deal of work into looking like a (trendily) scruffy rocker.

    The producers want David Cook to win. He is one of the most overrated contestants in the history of AI. In ALW week, he was off-key and had trouble with both the high and low notes, but the judges went crazy. Basically, he gives every song the Billie Jean treatment and sounds exactly the same every week.

    Too-cool-for-school air? A mediocre wannabe rocker with a hairpiece. Please.

  4. archuleta will win Says:


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