Is David Archuleta’s Dad Pushing him too Hard?

Some show biz analysts predict that the 2008 “American Idol” singing search could end up as a race to the finish line between two Davids: David Cook and David Archuleta. Trouble is, they note that young Archuleta’s bid to clinch the title may be compromised by his own dad, who’s reportedly turning out to be a “stage parent” in the negative and manipulative sense of the term.

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3 Responses to “Is David Archuleta’s Dad Pushing him too Hard?”

  1. Karen Says:

    The media loves to destroy people. They don’t have anything on David (because he’s angelic), so they’re going after his family. It’s disgusting.

    I don’t believe the story about David’s dad. This is what David’s vocal coach who has worked with him for nearly six years says: “Although Jeff is very much involved, I have never seen him do anything that would imply bullying, undue pressure or anything that appears extreme or inappropriate. I can definitely draw a line between what a stage parent is, and how Jeff interacts with his son.” Friends and neighbors of the family say the same thing. The story is untrue.

    David would be a head case if his dad were like the media is portraying him. Instead, he is a very happy, well-adjusted young man.

    And, Naomi Judd throwing in her two cents–PLEASE! Give me a break! She was around David in a VERY minimal way on Star Search five years ago. The judges were barred from interacting with the contestants and had trailers on the opposite side of the lot. They only listened to the contestants sing and then rated them. No other interaction. Judd has NEVER MET David’s dad. She may have a heard a rumor way back when. That doesn’t make it gospel. Now, she’s just passing on malicious gossip that does nothing but hurt people. She should be ashamed of herself.

    I think David is a breath of fresh air. He has a beautiful soul. And, that voice of his is UNBELIEVABLE! Soaring, strong and passionate. Yowza! The kid could sing the birds out of the trees. He should SO win American Idol. Love his voice and everything about him!

  2. Carolyn Says:

    It has been so disheartening reading the comments about David Archuleta’s dad. I am a mother of two teenage girls, and I often wonder why in this world do people feel the need to have to put others down. I try to teach my girls to look at the good qualities in everyone and never gossip. People thrive on gossip — and I am sure that’s all it is with David’s dad. Does anyone ever think before they print this garbage? Do they wonder how it will affect the person and the family? Naomi Judd had absolutely no business commenting on David’s dad. Perhaps it makes her feel better by putting others down! I have no doubt David’ dad is totally supportive, encouraging, and loving towards him. David is touching people through his music, myself included. David appears to have so much more maturity than many adults. Maybe we can all learn from him.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think that david archuleta will be second and Syesha will win,David cook 3rd,Jason 4th.

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