David Finds Another Crowd-Pleaser in ‘Angels’

David Archuleta performs Robbie Williams\' \"Angels\"

David Archuleta’s performance of “Angels” (by Robbie Williams) started off slow, but started to gain momentum just in time for the song to be over.

“When you did that little refrain at the end, when you stopped, and you did those runs – that’s the David Archuleta, dude, that I love.  That was your hottest moment the whole season,” said a very excited Randy Jackson.

The performance left Paula Abdul virtually speechless.  She seemed barely able to spit out the word “fantastic.”

Simon Cowell called “Angels” the “best song choice of the night so far” before he began nitpicking.  “I thought it was a bit nasally.  I thought the end part was better than the beginning.”  Comments like these drew groans from the audience before Cowell concluded: “David, I’m nitpicking here.  Because you are gonna sail through to the next round.”


5 Responses to “David Finds Another Crowd-Pleaser in ‘Angels’”

  1. someone from the north Says:

    Daavid was simply devine tonight.
    You guys in Utah should be proud of this kid.

  2. xandavon Says:

    He’s very musical. And this has nothing to do with his age. Musical people are just musical whatever the age.

    Most of them are not. Not saying they are not better though. After all, most of the great singers aren’t musical

  3. gaylynn Says:

    I thought David A. was awesome, I loved the song and he sang it like an angel.

  4. rachel Says:

    ..i reaLLy lOveD it whEn hE hit’s thE high nOtEs!!!!!!!!!
    ..hahaha!!!i Love him!!!!!

  5. Someone from the East Says:

    Absolutely dreamy. (I’m no teeny-bopper either)

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