American Idol Votes: David Cook Versus David Archuleta

David Cook and David Archuleta

Who are the favorites for American idol and who will get the votes this season to win the popularity contest known as American idol?  If you believe that David Archuleta and David Cook are on the top of the competition at this point in time with just eight contestants left, that is surely accurate.  In fact, there are some that believe that David Archuleta has such a strong fan base of teens and tweens built up, he is unstoppable at this point.

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6 Responses to “American Idol Votes: David Cook Versus David Archuleta”

  1. mare Says:

    Archuleta is way over rated. David Cook is the real talent that will have lasting success, and will be heard on radio, not Archuleta

  2. DavidC1FAN Says:

    David Cook is the best !! He is much more talented than David Archuleta and he should win. David C. 4ever!
    David never messed a song up /.

  3. Cook Says:

    David cook is real talent Archuleta is just plain popularity

  4. Rachel&Andrew Says:

    Cook is the true winner of American Idol Archuleta is way overated. Cook has great song choice and Archuleta does the same thing every week it’s always a Balet. When he does something else he sounds like as Simon said a chewawa trying to be a tiger. When Cook gets on the stage he wows me every time every week i here him sing I love it. No way Archuleta deserves it more Cook wins it hands down

  5. Rachel17 Says:

    i hate archuleta.cook rocks i luv every song he sings hes the new american idol.

  6. Rachel17 Says:

    omg i luv cook

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