American Idol Week Ten: The Fix is In?

It’s entirely possible that Paula slipped up like that because the show’s producers have been telling her what to say before every show and thusly manipulating the results. This explanation would seem to jibe with plenty of the show’s other problems this season. Paula and Randy, for instance, have been riding especially hard for David Archuleta, who’s been straight-up awful for the past several weeks, and plenty of anonymous internet types are speculating that the show’s producers consider Archuleta to be the most potentially marketable of this batch of contestants.

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Once Shy, Utah’s David Archuleta Bitten by Limelight

David has always been passionate about music, especially since the day his father Jeff Archuleta videotaped a PBS broadcast of “Les Miserables” in Florida and gave it to his kids to watch while they were unpacking in their new home in Utah.

David, who was 6 at the time, and his younger brother Daniel (David has three sisters and a brother) watched the video repeatedly to the point where David soon learned to sing the songs by heart, even mastering a cockney accent.

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David Archuleta’s ‘Sweet Caroline,’ ‘America’ Not Amazing on American Idol

Neil Diamond called him a “prodigy.” But, that doesn’t mean he is ready to win this competition or for a record contract. This week David chose to sing “Sweet Caroline” and “America.” Two seemingly great song choices for this young man, but did he live up to the expectations?

“Sweet Caroline” was “sweet” to hear, no pun intended. He made the song his own and showed the true emotion of the song – pure enthusiasm for love. He had an amazing voice as always, but it wasn’t an amazing performance.

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Could David A. Be in Trouble?

The web site asks people who they want to vote for and then votes for that person repeatedly. After the two hours of voting, the site then tallies its requests and predicts who is safe and who’s in trouble.

The surprise from last night’s data is that David Archuleta could be in trouble. The judges raved about his performance of two Neil Diamond songs including “Sweet Caroline.”

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Archuleta Chooses His Diamond Songs Wisely

David Archuleta Performs Neil Diamond\'s \

“American Idol” fans were treated to a double dose of Neil Diamond from each of the show’s top 5 performers Tuesday night.

Utah’s David Archuleta sang two of Diamond’s most popular singles: “Sweet Caroline” and “America.”

“For a young man, dude, you are definitely in the zone right now. Another good performance, baby,” said Randy Jackson.

“This was the absolute perfect song for you to sing. David, your voice is so on-point,” Paula Abdul said.

“THAT was a smart choice of song,” Simon Cowell said. “It ticked all the boxes, didn’t it?”

David has caught fire in the past for his song choice. Remember “You’re the Voice?” But when it comes to picking Neil Diamond songs, David knew exactly what he was doing.

Archuleta to Perform Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘America’

The moles at have once again obtained the secret set list for tonight’s “American Idol.”  The Top 5 will perform songs by Neil Diamond.

David Archuleta will sing two of Diamond’s most popular numbers: “Sweet Caroline” and “America.”

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American Idol Hopeful David Archuleta Speaks Out on Dad, Crushes

In Touch Weekly has an interview this week where they were able to pin down David Archuleta and ask him some questions about everything from rooming with his dad while on Idol, and all of the screaming tweens that love the 17-year old singer.

When asked how he is adjusting to all of the attention, David tells the magazine, “This stuff is awesome, except for having to look at the pictures after.  I don’t like looking at myself.  It’s too weird!”  He adds that Simon Cowell “makes me want to pick better songs and do well.”

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