‘Idol’ In Iraq: Soldiers Slam David Archuleta, Still Suspicious Of Kristy Lee Cook

MTV Newsroom

Major label reject, Kristy Lee Cook, has been teetering on the brink of elimination all season long, though she hit a high note this week performing Lee Greenwood’s red-state-rousing “God Bless the USA.” Randy, Paula and Simon lauded the “smart” song choice, with Cowell calling it Cook’s “best performance by a mile.” But how did the patriotic anthem play with our judges in uniform? The song resonated with the troops but Kristy’s rendition did not. “We did not really buy it… We were more motivated by [Michael Johns’] “We Are the Champions,” 19-year-old Nathan wrote. “I think after hearing that song we were all ready to go fight.”And they came gunning for early “Idol” favorite David Archuleta, whose confusing song choice left the military men at a loss, though they had little trouble finding some strong words in their curt condemnation – “hate” being the one that stands out the most (we suspect they won’t get caught up in David Archuleta PromGate 2008).

Full Article:  http://newsroom.mtv.com/2008/03/28/idol-in-iraq-soldiers-slam-david-archuletas-surprising-song/


One Response to “‘Idol’ In Iraq: Soldiers Slam David Archuleta, Still Suspicious Of Kristy Lee Cook”

  1. Laetitia Says:

    Too bad American soldiers don’t know “You’re the Voice” the ‘anti-war’ hit song that David Archuleta sang. His performance was fantastic and the full studio version is just SUPERB. Bravo David for your song choice! You are the clear favourite amongst international fans of AI.

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