Sorry Ladies: David Archuleta Has a Girlfriend!

David Archuleta’s Girlfriend
Aside from the performance of David Cook, one of the biggest revelations of last night’s episode of American Idol may not have taken place on stage.

Sitting right next to David Archuleta’s father in the American Idol audience was … wait for it … his girlfriend! Yes, the 17-year-old is off the market!

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48 Responses to “Sorry Ladies: David Archuleta Has a Girlfriend!”

  1. ok Says:

    This is why I don’t read your blog. He does NOT have a girlfriend, just a rumor.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i think that is not the right move
    that even a friend because
    people always think and assume
    that the girl beside David’s dad
    is his gf.
    wrong decision i think next performance
    my advice David dad should bring his wife
    and family.
    i always see davids dad with different people
    kinda strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and also this cause david into second place in dial idol.

  3. jennie Says:

    Dang it. Whether it’s friend or gf, this has a lot to do with DA losing tons of votes. Bad move!!

  4. David Archuleta Wants to Sing with Natasha Bedingfield « Keeping Tabs on Your Favorite “American Idol” Heartthrob Says:

    […] Sing with Natasha Bedingfield April 1, 2008 — archuletafan David Archuleta may have a girlfriend, but he’s been dreaming about another woman for awhile now. Asked which singer the American Idol […]

  5. Kelley Says:

    David A. looks and acts more innocent and naive than most 10 years olds today. I’m not saying that’s bad, but he seems way too little to have a girlfriend.

  6. sabrina Says:


  7. david luvveerr Says:

    thoe 2 difrent ic so he doesint

  8. david luvveerr Says:

    sry i meant those are 2 diffrent pics so he doesint its a rumorr

  9. MELISSA Berg Says:

    im his gilfrienddd

  10. ~twinkle~ Says:

    just a rumor.

  11. emily Graham Says:

    Im his girlfriend we been dateing for like ever sry

  12. (----BLUE ROCKS-----) Says:


  13. Goozle Says:


  14. Kaitlind Says:

    Geez if it is his girlfriend be happy for him. He is probanly the nicest guy in the world and every one just wants to go out with him he can choose who he wants and im happy for him. Congrats david if its true. i think your amazing and i wish i could meet you i wouldn’t flip out i’d be really shy.
    A fan

  15. teddybear Says:

    u guys r all retarded!!!
    he even said it himself
    that he feels too young to have a girlfriend

    u all have serious problems!!!!!

  16. abby Says:

    oh my god, people!
    i think it’s Claudia (David’s older sister)
    or a friend (i think that girl’s Mietra… she’s a very nice friend of David’s)

    whether he has girlfriend or not, ALL OF US ARCHIES should be happy 4 him!
    you’re not a real Archie if ur mad at him or at his “future” girlfriend… duh!

  17. Kitty Says:

    That is not David Archuleta’s girlfriend that is his very good friend he said it himself. He feels to young to date. He wants to focus on his music and not focus on girls and even if he did have a girlfriend whe should be happy for him. Lets just hope he has a nice girlfriend and not somebody who will take advantage of him.

  18. chika d'archiezz Says:

    who cares!!!
    eventhough that was his gf, i’m never cares. i just cares that davis is so cute. oo.. and he said he was too young to get date with somebody, are you forget it!!!!!

  19. chika d'archiezz Says:

    i’m means david arculeta not davis…(ha3x)

  20. Adiela Archies Says:

    Are you sure she’s really david gf ???

    I’ve no comment for it.
    But i’m happy if he’s happy….

  21. aiwei Says:

    she is not her gf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1tonight im gonna kill that girl!!!

  22. rimsarchuleta1 Says:

    WOW , first of all hes naw his girlfriend and second of all if she was u guyz shud b happy for himm

  23. mikaela Says:

    im his girlfriend!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    he doesnt have a sister

  25. jade Says:

    if that is his gf i dont like her and by the way hes not to young to date hes 16

  26. erika jane Says:

    hi David you know I’m your girlfriend…

  27. INA Says:

    I M FROM MALAYSIA……..WE LIKE U………………..

  28. Anonymous Says:

    we love you david

  29. faidah_038 langco Says:

    i love you david

  30. _143_david_archuleta_ Says:

    is this for real…
    I cant believe it…
    because i am david’s girlfriend…
    i think this is just a rumor…

  31. aya Says:

    my boy friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. alyssa Says:

    he is my man and no one can take him from me i love david archuleta sooooooo much

  33. rahdian Says:

    i’m very feel so happy

  34. Anonymous Says:

    archie your girlfriend was suck and bitch

  35. Anonomys Says:

    its Not his girlfriend its his FRIEND yes a friend!

  36. Anggi Martriolanda Says:

    I come from Indonesia..
    i love david because u very2 handsome and cute,but u have a girlfriend…
    hicks,hicks i’am so very bad

  37. dachelle Says:

    boto kan mga girl na ngpapanggap bata ni david

  38. dachelle Says:

    im only for david archuleta/”’

  39. dachelle Says:

    advance happy bday

  40. Tiffany Says:

    I can understand if he has a girlfriend or not but to tell you the turth these are two toldly different pics so who knows if they are dateing or not or just trying to make girls upset.

  41. angelina Says:

    nice peeps none of you r davids girl i am so back off!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    good luck to you and to your girlfriend.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    good luck to you and yo your girlfriend. and i’m still your number 1 fan.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    good luck to you and to your girlfriend. and i’m still your number 1 fan.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    and for the other girls i know it hurts but if you really love david you’ll be proud for him.

  46. victoriaiacobellis Says:

    I love you david archuleta so much

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