‘Idol’ Judges Baffled by David’s Song Choice

David Archuleta performs “You’re the Voice” on FOX’s “American Idol”
David Archuleta has once again blown the “American Idol” judges away. But this time, it wasn’t his singing. It was his “strange song choice,” as Randy Jackson put it.

Archuleta sang the rather obscure “You’re the Voice” by David Foster with Jeff Pescetto. Simon Cowell said he “didn’t like the performance at all,” saying it was “actually reminiscent of a theme park performance.”

Paula Abdul expressed a bit of tongue-in-cheek concern that David didn’t sing something written by an American composer, then adding that David “could sing the phone book and we’d fall in love with it.”
The lesson? Pick a song people recognize, Dave!


2 Responses to “‘Idol’ Judges Baffled by David’s Song Choice”

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