A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: Top 10 Power Rankings

number one

We’ve only just reached the Top 10, and already we have a bona fide frontrunner — and who will almost certainly claim this season’s top honors.

Yes, I’m talking about David Archuleta, but before you sharpen your poison pens to send me nasty notes, let me qualify that statement by saying that he’s not my personal favorite. No, that honor belongs to both David Cook and Carly Smithson — two performers who I believe will have long careers, given that they’re paired with solid songwriters and producers who are willing to allow them to stay true to their styles. But I’ve been given little David’s situation a lot of thought, and I firmly believe that he is almost impossible to beat unless he suddenly forgets how to sing.

Full Article:  http://www.the-trades.com/article.php?id=10144 


2 Responses to “A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: Top 10 Power Rankings”

  1. Theresa Says:

    David Archuleta is in a class of his own. He has a voice made in heaven and a personality to match. Loved,loved his version of ‘Shop Around’ and his ballads were simply gorgeous. Thank you David for giving us so much Joy.

  2. Asia'h Epperson Fan Says:

    I think David is very talented but I still miss Asia’h Epperson. She was so cute and talented. Someone mentioned that she might be brought back as a wild card or something. I think she was voted off a little soon.

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