Will Dad Cost David Archuleta an American Idol Title?

National Ledger

Is David Archuleta the most talented performer on American idol? That’s up for debate but certainly the young star seems to be the early favorite to win the competition as the show now enters the phase where the top ten perform for the opportunity become the next American idol. Will another teen win the title like last season when Jordin Sparks took the title at seventeen?

Archuleta is certainly not the most seasoned performer. David Cook has a much better edge and likely will eventually sell more records and Brooke White has carved out a pretty nice genre for her talents as well. Even Michael Johns and Carly Smithson seem to have a better stage presence but as the voting on idol goes, it sure seems like this is David Archulateta’s competition to lose.

Full Article: http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272619610.shtml


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