David Archuleta the next George Clooney?

MetroWest Daily News

Over the past two weeks “American Idol” has featured the songs of the Beatles. As a longtime Beatles fan, my opinion after the first week was that this was great, having the contestants sing Beatles tunes really demonstrated how fresh and current their songs can be when done by contemporary artists.

Then the next week’s show aired and you had some strange stuff tried out such as one contestant, Michael Johns, cutting a five minute song, “A Day in the Life,” down to a minute and a half. A song that ends with a piano chord that reverberates longer than that. Then I thought, “They killed the Beatles!”

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2 Responses to “David Archuleta the next George Clooney?”

  1. barbara Says:

    Blake Lewis is an idiot. If anyone thinks his performance on the show was great should listen to i t again. It was horrible. Ane he thinks he can sing better that David A?

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I certainly agree! I loved Blake Lewis last year, but I dont get him picking on David A. Makes him out to sound like an idiot.. I think he only thinks David is boring because he’s “not like him”.. not everyone is going to run around and jump on the stage and go crazy, and Blake should understand that. David’s voice FAR SURPASSES Blake’s and he is just sensational. David is the only person who can take a (in my opinion) boring song and make it listenable… I never really cared for The Long and Winding Road, and was actually worried about him singing it… but I WAS WRONG! I am now completely addicted to the song and his performance… Blake needs to cool it…

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