David and….Hannah Montana?

David Archuleta and Miley Cyrus

Will it be American Idol meets Hannah Montana? One suggestion is idol crooner David Archuleta as a new beau for Miley Cyrus as she is desperately searching for a new guy and she is plowing through IMDb looking for a boy to date.

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10 Responses to “David and….Hannah Montana?”

  1. Brittany Says:

    uh, no. I even saw a video on TMZ.com of Miley talking down about Idol. Plus, he’s too cool for that. I don’t see it. lamesauce.

  2. Tami Says:

    No way, David is waaaayyy too good for her, AND he has morals and values, something I don’t think she knows anything about! David deserves so much more!

  3. alyssa Says:

    i agree david is better than her

    she is too much of a spoiled teen pop star

    i just dont picture them together at all

  4. Donny Says:

    They’re not right for each other is what I think. But we’ll let them decide for themselves.

  5. Jen Says:

    Miley Cyrus is pathetic and desperate. I hate her with a passion. She isn’t right for David; he will never be into her. He needs someone who is personalized and fun; Miley is fake and obnoxious. I’d cry if they ever went out.

  6. christin Says:

    Newsflash: you don’t need a boyfriend at all times. It’s called enjoying being a teenager and single.

  7. Serena Says:

    ew, Miley Cyrus is disgusting..she’s so obnoxious and stuck-up and she said she doesn’t like American Idol – pshh like anyone likes your stupid shows. Her show is so freaking cheesy I watched one episode and was like how did this even make it on TV. David is humble and admirable, Miley is just rude and thinks she’s all that when half the world hates her. Get a life Miley, no wonder you don’t have a boyfriend.

  8. jumper Says:

    This is stupid, first off I love both Miley and David they are both really good roll models. David would never get with her because she is not LDS!! Hes a good lil mormon boy! They usually dont date out of there religion.. !!

  9. GTalani Says:

    First off. you all should not be hating on Miley Cirus…Yes shes not fit for our little David but shes not that bad either… She can’t be with Billy Ray as a dad. He must have brought her up right. David seems like a good guy and strong on his morals.. he doesnt need a girlfriend right now. I deffinatly agree that Miley isn’t right for him. She’s one of the stars that are way out there.. very loud…and sometime obnoxious. David needs some one a little more reserved, fun lovin, funny and sweet. A girl that would rather stay home and watch a movie with some popped corn. : ) a “girl next door” type

  10. Angel Says:

    No, if David is reading all these comments I suggest he doesn’t date her.
    Miley already destroyed Nick what more on David!
    I mean I think David is a really sweet and innocent and Miley’s not fit for him.
    I bet if Miley will cheat or break up with him he’ll just break his heart!

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