Archuleta Brings Down the House with ‘Winding Road’

David Archuleta performs “The Long and Winding Road”

David’s bittersweet performance of The Beatles’ “The Long and Winding Road” prompted positive comments from all three “American Idol” judges.

“David Archuleta [has] brought the hotness back to his game,” said Randy Jackson, who also encouraged David to “take the liberties on joints like that.”

Paula Abdul thought “Winding Road” was David’s “most exciting and wonderful performance.”

“Last week was a complete mess. This week, I thought you were amazing,” said Simon Cowell.

Has David redeemed himself after forgetting the lyrics during last week’s performance of “We Can Work It Out?” Yes. It appears he has.


One Response to “Archuleta Brings Down the House with ‘Winding Road’”

  1. Myri Says:

    As a fan from a far country, i follow the performances on line. David hasn’t needed this competition since his version of Imagine. He will be a star regardless of American Idol.

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