‘Idol’ In Iraq: Soldiers Slam David Archuleta, Still Suspicious Of Kristy Lee Cook

MTV Newsroom

Major label reject, Kristy Lee Cook, has been teetering on the brink of elimination all season long, though she hit a high note this week performing Lee Greenwood’s red-state-rousing “God Bless the USA.” Randy, Paula and Simon lauded the “smart” song choice, with Cowell calling it Cook’s “best performance by a mile.” But how did the patriotic anthem play with our judges in uniform? The song resonated with the troops but Kristy’s rendition did not. “We did not really buy it… We were more motivated by [Michael Johns’] “We Are the Champions,” 19-year-old Nathan wrote. “I think after hearing that song we were all ready to go fight.”And they came gunning for early “Idol” favorite David Archuleta, whose confusing song choice left the military men at a loss, though they had little trouble finding some strong words in their curt condemnation – “hate” being the one that stands out the most (we suspect they won’t get caught up in David Archuleta PromGate 2008).

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Debunking the David Archuleta Father Flap on American Idol

National Ledger It seems clear that as David Archuleta continues with some success on American Idol he will be slammed with criticism. Apparently so will his father Jeff. American idol frontrunner David Archuleta is battling reports that his dad is putting an extraordinary amount of pressure on the 17-year-old singer, even to the point of song choices.

Reports have been published that claim Jeff once yelled at his son during a recording session and even brought him to tears. But in an exclusive interview with Scoop from People Magazine, David’s voice coach Dean Kaelin says Jeff is not a nightmare stage dad.

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Attack of the Stage Parents!

E Online

David Archuleta’s father is reputedly pushing obscure Australian pop songs on his American Idol contender son. Parental units are making scenes on I Know My Kid’s a Star. Mama Rose is telling Louise to sing out nightly on Broadway.

Stage parents are back.

“I don’t know if they’re getting worse or if they’re getting exposed now,” says Julie Stevens, an on-set teacher for working child actors in Los Angeles. “Now they’re in front of the camera.”

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American Idol Results: Chikezie Out, Is David Archuleta in Trouble?

National Ledger

American Idol is plugging away through the top ten and the show that once showed promise to be one of the best ever has hit a bit of a snag.  There appears to be only a few solid performers that can deliver each week and the next few weeks should prove of little interest.  David Cook is the rocking Chris Daughtry of this season and he will make the top five but like Daughtry he will likely get dumped at some point in a stunner.

Brooke White and Carly Smithson have a really good shot at making the top two and would likely face off against favorite David Archuleta.  But some believe he may be in a bit of trouble as his star is fading fast.  I don’t believe that, though and I think this season has all of the trappings of one of those Taylor Hicks versus Katharine McPhee type battles. 

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David Cook Challenges David Archuleta for Show Favorite

American Idol

What a weird song. That was the consensus among judges and fans after David Archuleta performed the song “You’re the Voice, a song that nobody admits to have ever heard before. However, this article is about gambling odds and we don’t really care what songs Archuleta sings but how it might affect his odds of winning the contest. Oddsmakers at online wagering giant Bodoglife.com still show Archuleta as the man to beat with 11/10 odds. This bet would pay you $11 on a $10 bet. If you have been following the odds since the beginning of finals competition you can see how Archuleta is slipping.

Once considered his to lose, Archuleta still could very well win the seventh season of American Idol but he must be looking over his shoulder because rocker David Cook is right behind him and closing with 5/2 odds. It was Cook who had the word “Amazing” attached to the judges critique of his “Billie Jean” performance.

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David Archuleta: Fated to Be Next ‘American Idol’?

David Archuleta
From the very beginning of this year’s “American Idol,” David Archuleta has been a shining star. Only 17 years old, and with such presence on stage! Such a voice! So cute! He seemed fated to be the winner.

Now, weeks into the competition, I’m not quite as sure. He certainly is talented – there’s no doubt about that. He is incredibly confident on stage. And he’s a clean-cut teen who seems tailor-made for a pop idol career.

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Sorry Ladies: David Archuleta Has a Girlfriend!

David Archuleta’s Girlfriend
Aside from the performance of David Cook, one of the biggest revelations of last night’s episode of American Idol may not have taken place on stage.

Sitting right next to David Archuleta’s father in the American Idol audience was … wait for it … his girlfriend! Yes, the 17-year-old is off the market!

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